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Chinar Academy

CHINAR Academy of Skill Development is the training partner of CHINARR Network Marketing India LLP started with a main motive to train up its distributors. It is a group of very experienced professionals.

Chinarr Products

Discover the power of Herbal Products. We are committed to protecting and even improving the environment for the benefit of current and future generations. Fuel your fitness, gives you the knowledge and tools you need to change your life.

Chinarr at a Glance

Chinarr Group is one of the leading real estate companies of India. It has completed its 32 years successfully in the Real Estate Industry. It has provided houses to more than 25000 families.

We at Chinarr always plan and execute not only to make concrete jungle but also to provide a different identity and outlook to the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The effort is to shoulder responsibility to create building and structures with green concept to give motherland the maximum green cover, using every possible angle to create homes where people can grow, enjoy and cherish the investments for several generations to come. The responsibility of Chinarr not just ends with building but rather begins thereafter. Caring and connecting to the customers is the key to our success.

Why Chinarr group
in Network Marketing

This is the marketing which develops strong teamwork. Here, if you want to achieve your BIG DREAM , you have to create BIG DREAM of your team players. The strong feeling of cooperation and coordination takes birth every moment � everywhere. This helps in NATION BUILDING PROGRAMME. This kind of support system is never seen in the Traditional Marketing.

In Network Marketing, consumer plays the major key role in business building by direct participation by consuming the products breaking all the middlemen channel. Consume the products and maximize your income. It build ups direct relation between the company and the consumer. In real sense in this industry only, CONSUMER IS THE KING.